“Amazing to finally find a vegan hot chocolate that you just add hot water to. Really tasty and the packaging was just beautiful. I will be back!” – Carley

“So delicious! I’ve bought this both for myself and for Christmas gifts. It tastes amazing – a perfect treat 🙂 Delivery was very quick and it was really well packaged. Thank you so much!” – Abby

“Very tasty and very quick and easy to make. Loving everything about Vliss.” – Julie

“I have so much to say about this hot chocolate. Firstly the taste is amazing! Really creamy but a nice strong chocolate taste (nothing worse than watery hot chocolate that may as well just be water that looks a bit brown). It’s also a very good price for what you get, it’s a big sachet and I made 2 already and still have a load left. It’s also one of the only vegan hot chocolates I know that you can just add hot water instead of always having to add hot milk (sometimes I’m just lazy and can’t be bothered). Another great thing about the hot chocolate is that it’s lump free and has the bubbliest top. As it’s just add water hot chocolate it’s nice that it’s so creamy!” – Katie

“Quick delivery and the hot chocolate is just perfect for the cold nights. It tastes so smooth and perfect amount of chocolatey. The festive spice is not overpowering and just is Christmas in a drink. Thank you so much :)” – Allie

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