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Instant Vegan Hot Chocolate


For all the chocolate lovers out there, we have launched a deliciously creamy instant vegan hot cocoa mix which contains zero dairy milk ingredients and is 100% plant based! What's more no additional plant milk required! Simply add hot water, and sit back, relax and enjoy!

Rich and indulgent with a subtle vanilla base, our hot chocolate makes the perfect treat on these chilly days, especially when topped with our delicious mini marshmallows.

Vliss is one of the most delicious hot chocolates around and makes the perfect pick-me-up on these chilly days. Let's face it, who doesn't need a hug in a mug right now?

Perfect for a delicious treat any time of day, whether it's a cosy afternoon on the sofa, a cold night around the bonfire, or a cup of cocoa on a cold country walk (this one is our favourite!)

Whatever the occasion, our instant cocoa mix makes the perfect treat. Why not also treat yourself to a bag of our vegan mini marshmallows too, for the ultimate mug of hot cocoa!

Our Story

So how did Vliss come about? It all started when we struggled to find a hot chocolate mix from our local vegan supermarket where we didn't need to add any milk to, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and see if we could create a vegan cocoa powder mix which was not only free of dairy ingredients, but was as delicious as the non vegan versions!

After spending much of the second lockdown covered in cocoa powder trying many different ingredients and sampling A LOT of mugs of hot chocolate, we think we've come up with the perfect recipe!

We've received an overwhelming response from our customers since we launched last year, and can't wait to share more of our exciting products with you all.

“Amazing to find a vegan hot chocolate you just add hot water to! Really tasty and the packaging was just beautiful. I will be back!”

“Just made hot chocolate using the amazing Christmas present I got from my mum and we both agreed this was the best home hot chocolate we've had. Highly recommend!”

Why Vliss?

Well as well as being completely delicious and containing no dairy, our hot cocoa mix is also super convenient and fast to make, with instructions on the back of the pack. No more searching for a recipe and mixing milk, cocoa powder and sugar together. Simply add hot water, stir, and ta-da!! The ideal hot drink for anyone with a busy schedule or with kids!

Where Does That Creamy Taste Come From?

Vliss contains absolutely no dairy milk powder ingredients (which are traditionally added to hot cocoa mixes) and instead is made from coconut milk powder! (and don't worry, there's no coconut taste!)

So not only does this mean that our hot chocolate is cruelty-free, it's also far better for the planet than one made with dairy!

According to estimates, a 200ml glass of coconut milk requires just 0.5 litres of water, in stark contrast with dairy which requires 125 litres!

In fact, when it comes to global warming, an Oxford University study found that producing a glass of cow’s milk emits three times the amount of greenhouse gases than producing any plant based milk, and requires nine times more land!

“So delicious! I’ve bought this both for myself and for Christmas gifts. It tastes amazing – a perfect treat 🙂 Delivery was very quick and it was really well packaged. Thank you so much!”

“Very tasty and very quick and easy to make. Loving everything about Vliss.”

New Products

We have recently introduced our vegan hot chocolate gift sets, which come complete with a pouch of our flagship hot chocolate mix, a choice of mugs, and a pack of vegan mini marshmallows! Everything you need for the ultimate hot chocolate!

What's more, each box comes with a gift tag for you to write your own special message on (or we can do it for you and send directly to the recipient!) All our products make absolutely fantastic gifts and delicious treats!

We are currently working on recipes for some exciting new flavours to be launched over the coming months, so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram for updates!

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