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Vliss vegan instant hot chocolate pouches

Welcome to Vliss! We are a small business based in Bristol, UK which came about after a lockdown of hot chocolate experimentation!

It all started when our founder Kate was frustrated one day that there wasn’t a vegan instant hot chocolate at her local supermarket. She started experimenting in her kitchen to see if she could come up with a vegan instant hot chocolate which was as delicious as the non-vegan versions – how hard could it be, right? 

It turns out pretty hard! She soon discovered why there are so few vegan instant hot chocolates on the market…creating a creamy tasting instant hot chocolate without using the normal powdered milk ingredients is actually pretty tricky!

However after much perseverance (and subjecting friends and family members to numerous ‘taste tests!’) she’s pretty sure she’s cracked it and come up with the delicious Vliss recipe!

We’re currently working on some exciting new flavours, so please follow us on Instagram for all the latest news and new products!

Thank you for coming to visit us, and we hope you enjoy our hot chocolate!

The Vliss Team

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