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Our Journey So Far...

Original Flavour

Enjoy the ultimately blissful moment of ‘me’ time with a mug of our delicious and comforting vegan instant hot chocolate! Smooth and chocolatey with a subtle vanilla base, our Original Flavour is perfect for those chocolatey moments we all love!

Mug + chocs + original pouch

Festive Spice

Deliciously chocolatey with a hint of warming spice, our Festive Spice Flavour boasts a delicate spice blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves paired with a subtle vanilla base. Perfect for those cosy evenings in or a cold night around the bonfire!

Gift Sets

Our gift sets come complete with a pouch of instant hot chocolate, mug and mini marshmallows – everything you need for the ultimate hot chocolate!

Powered by plants + Original flavour gift set
Gloves around hot cocoa

Our Story

Welcome to Vliss, a small business based in Bristol, UK which came about after a lockdown of hot chocolate experimentation!

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